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Why Certify It Now?

Certify It Now is a subsidiary of Diagnostic Lab Corporation, the first third party certification company in the Cannabis Industry. We are the pioneer in proof of labeling and safety initiatives in the cannabis sector. We have set the standard for strain and origin certifications and numerous other safety verifications. Our team of professionals have decades of experience in the agricultural and food safety sectors.

DLC offers three certifications: strain, origin and zero pesticide. Each certification is rooted in GFSI and ISO protocols. Our certifications allow consumers and businesses alike to trust in the information made available on their labels. DLC verifies that a business has the correct know-how, SOPs, and protocols in place to accurately provide information to their consumers or clients. Any and all parts of the cannabis supply chain can certify, from growers and manufacturers to dispensaries.


Strain and Origin certificates cost $99/certificate. Our Zero-Pesticide certificates cost $299/location. You will need a certificate for each strain you intend to certify, and a certificate for each origin you intend to certify. For Zero-Pesticide certifications, we charge by location. The first location is $299, and each subsequent location costs $99. All certificates expire one year from the date of purchase. Certificates for origin and strain are on a per location basis.

The Certify It Now Seal of Approval

The Certify It Now seal of approval guarantees that cannabis products are in fact accurately labeled. A Certify It Now seal of approval brings credibility to cannabis products allowing your goods to reach a wider consumer base. Our seal assures consumers that your products meet the Best Practices that ensure quality, safety, and accurate information on your labels.


Build Your Brand Equity

  • Sales Driver

    Certify It Now growers, manufactures, and retailers have access to numerous tools to help them grow their businesses and brands. Your business will also gain access to free marketing materials that have a proven record to differentiate your products and services from the rest of the pack.

  • Consumer Demand

    Consumers are actively looking for higher quality products. Being a young market, the cannabis consumer has come to trust their sources for this information. Consumer trends will lead to product certification and verification as a way to satisfy the demand for high-quality and unique products.

  • Protect Your Business

    Through our certification and verification processes, we ensure our partners from across the supply chain adhere to the highest standards of safety standards not yet regulated by local or federal governments. The Certify It Now label ensures that your goods are properly positioned to defend against recalled products or other supply chain breaches.

Third Party Certifications and Verifications

The Certify It Now Certification and Verification Programs adhere to worldwide standards for third-party cannabis proof of labeling solutions. Third-party certification and verification is the highest quality system to ensure proof of labeling and good cannabis practices. Third-party verifications ensure that your goods and services have been reviewed and evaluated by an independent party of industry experts.

Our partners must work with government-approved laboratories to get their products certified and verified. We can work with you to ensure your products and procedures meet the Certify It Now standards of approval.

Promoting Your Marks

Partners that achieve our various certifications and verifications for their products benefit from our overall marketing and promotional activities. Furthermore, you will receive a plethora of marketing materials shipped to you monthly depending upon the programs you enroll in. Our marketing and communications team can also work with your business to best leverage your Certify It Now verifications and certifications to ensure your consumers and clients are aware of the benefits and quality that comes with our seal of approval.

How it Works

Sign up for FREE at CertifyItNow.com. Choose the products or services you are looking to certify or verify, input your information, upload the appropriate documentation, and submit! We review all of your information online and will respond within 24-48 hours with your approval, or with steps needed to take for approval. Once certified or verified, you will have FREE access to monthly marketing goods and several different digital materials for instant use. Try it Now!