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    An easy way to ensure the safety and quality of your products

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Certification Process

  • Step One:

    Determine what certification works for your business. Choose the certification portal from the ‘Certify It Now’ webpage and fill out the complete form. Please fill out all information and upload the documentation that proves the answers to your questions. You can certify more than one strain, origin, or zero-pesticide location at once.

  • Step Two:

    Once we receive your information, our team of experts reviews it. We will be in contact with additional questions, concerns, or with your acceptance. Keep an eye out for the email you used to sign up for each type of certification since that is how we will provide you with the link to purchase your certification. Certifications expire one year from the point of purchase. If you submit multiple types of certifications, we combine them into a single email to streamline the process. If possible, please use the same email address if you are interested in multiple certifications.

  • Step Three:

    Once you receive your certifications, you will have access to your digital certificate and vector artwork for use on your packaging. Feel free to download and display your certificate. Our vector artwork can be applied to your packaging labels to show your consumers that you are certified. This information will be sent to in the email you used to register with us.

  • Step Four:

    If you want to register additional strains, origins, or zero-pesticide certificates, the easiest way to do so is to directly contact us at certify@diagnosticlabcorp.com. If you choose to re-register through our portal, then you will need to create another username to do so. Once you are in our system, we can easily add additional certificates so that you have access to the appropriate materials and vector artwork for additional labels and products.